Changes in Shipping Regulations for Lithium Batteries

GE SONDEXChanges in shipping regulations for lithium batteries mean that the ability to source your battery packs locally will reduce your costs and improve service levels. Steatite is the market leading battery pack manufacturer through Europe and the Middle East. Since the acquisition of RZ Pressure, we have continued to increase our range of high temperature battery packs which are approved to meet transport regulations.

With over 25 years’ experience, Steatite Batteries are a global leader in the supply of high temperature lithium battery packs to the oil & gas industry. Our range of battery packs are designed for safe and reliable operation in the most extreme environments. By choosing Steatite as your preferred vendor for your GE SONDEX battery packs you will benefit from:

  • Endorsed by OEM and preferred battery supplier to GE SONDEX
  • High quality battery packs manufactured in the UK
  • Ideally suited to Production Data Logging
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast delivery and worldwide shipping
  • UN3090 certified for air transport

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