COVID-19 precautions within Steatite facilities

Measures in place to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission within Steatite facilities

In line with government recommendations Steatite has introduced rigorous measures throughout all company facilities at Redditch, Leominster and Crewkerne. A company wide policy has been introduced and communicated to all staff based on a simple 3S’s prinicple, the 3S’s being Sensible, Sanitise and Separate. Posters re-enforcing this have been clearly displayed throughout the building. A PDF example of the poster can be downloaded below.

To aid the adoption of these principles, work areas have been spaced out, foot operated hand sanitiser stations have been introduced, social distancing is in force throughout each building including areas such as toilets, canteens and kitchens, one way traffic flow has been adopted where possible and mirrors positioned at blind spots.

An enhanced cleaning regime is in place within the buildings, and where it is possible to do so, employees are working from home, supported by excellent IT infrastructure.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and implement additional measures in line with government guidance.


Examples of measures (click to open)