COVID-19 Update

Much has changed in the few months since New Year. Back then, the Coronavirus that is currently causing so much anxiety, sadness and disruption was still largely unknown. Three months later, and billions of people in many countries around the world are coming to terms with the most substantial changes to civil liberty in peacetime.

Here at Steatite, as with countless other businesses across the country, we are continuing to operate as normally as possible. Our highest priority and responsibility is to the well being of our employees.  Where possible, our staff are working from home and are well set up to do so. Our IT infrastructure is highly capable and enables anyone who can conduct their work from home to do so with minimal disruption to the normal working day. All of our production facilities are continuing to function and orders are being processed without disruption.

For those employees who are continuing to work in our production facilities, we have ensured strict procedures to minimise any risk of contamination including workspace distancing, plentiful access to high alcohol content hand sanitiser, and instructions throughout the buildings on safe practises and correct hand washing techniques. Our cleaning regime has also been intensified.

These procedures not only keep our staff safe and well, but also minimises disruption to you – our customers, partners and suppliers.

Although our working practices have changed, we are still on hand to help with your requirements, so please feel free to call us on our usual number or contact us via email or by using the contact form found on each of our websites.

Stay safe and well.