Battery power and computing for the medical sector

Performance technology for the medical sector from the market leader in high reliability battery packs and computing.

Medical Grade battery packs

Steatite technology is precisely engineered for highly reliable operation. Quality and reliability is of paramount importance when used in critical applications where failure cannot be risked. Medical applications are a prime example of such applications.

Steatite has been supplying battery packs and computing to the medical sector for many years. From precision surgical apparatus and tools to PAPR and mobile support systems, Steatite provides the power and the computing to enable stress free operation at every level.

The graphic above shows some examples of the application areas that we support and products that we provide. For further information please contact us.

Medical Battery Packs

Lithium-ion battery packs

Part Voltage Capacity Dimensions Datasheet
CP0134 3.6v 3.4Ah 19x19x73mm Click here
CP0234 3.6v 6.8Ah 19x38x73mm Click here
CP0334 3.6v 10.2Ah 19x56x73mm Click here
CP0434 7.2v 3.4Ah 19x38x73mm Click here
CP0534 7.2v 6.8Ah 38x38x73mm Click here
CP0634 10.8v 3.4Ah 19x56x73mm Click here
CP0734 14.4v 6.8Ah 38x74x73mm Click here
CP0834 14.4v 3.4Ah 19x74x73mm Click here


Name Size Download
PAPR battery pack capabilities 1MB

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