Microsoft Windows Embedded Server Products

When designing an embedded solution it is very easy to spend many hours and much of your budget designing your end point client device and leave all thoughts of the server that will be running these devices until the last minute when it is often too late to evaluate products correctly.

This can often lead to a poor choice in hardware and software and potentail weaknesses in your embedded solution.

The overall reliability of any computer system is dictated by the weakest part in the chain; if you are designing a system that is going to be in a dirty environment and you spend your budget designing a bullet proof embedded node but use an off the shelf commercial server you should expect this to be the part of the solution that fails.

The same theory applies with software, if you have spent time and money designing application software to run within a specific environment which meets very specific critirea, would you not wish to be sure this is not only the running on the correct operating system that offers adequate perfromance and security, but also offers the longevity of supply you require?

It is a little known fact that Microsoft have an embedded server range, and those that do know of it tend not to really understand how it can benefit their solution.

Selecting the correct Microsoft Embedded Server O/S at the out set will enable you to develop your software and embedded solution safe in the knowledge that not only do you have the correct technology to back you up, but also that you will be able to obtain this technology for as long as required.

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