What is the best choice of rechargeable for compact, rugged applications?

As modern technology becomes ever smaller and more portable, the ability to produce rugged, go-anywhere devices (e.g. rugged laptop) that can perform tasks for a day or more without recharging is a key competitive advantage for manufacturers. While there is merit in selecting components and power management systems to stretch available power as far as possible, the most fundamental part of the system remains the battery.

Battery technology has continually evolved and different chemistries have come and gone, yet commercially available Li-ion batteries have been around for a quarter of a century and, during that time, have supplanted other battery technologies in many applications.

Li-ion technology holds charge for long periods of time and can cope with protracted recharge intervals, as well as not suffering from the ‘memory effect’ that stifled Ni-MH batteries. The key quality that makes Li-ion the battery of choice is the high energy density levels that are inherent in the technology – in the region of 260Whrs/kg. Simply put, this is the amount of useful energy that can be stored per unit weight and is a key measure for any battery being considered for a portable application.

As a result of its high energy density, Li-ion technology proves considerably lighter and less bulky than other rechargeable technologies of equivalent capacity, thereby giving design engineers greater scope for designing market-leading products.

Li-ion batteries exhibit a high degree of robustness and they support a broad operational temperature range. In addition, they possess strong resilience to mechanical stresses caused by pressure, shock and vibration. Also, as the batteries are sealed, they can be used in any orientation without the possibility of accidental leaks that could be expected from ‘wet’ technologies, such as lead-acid.

Combining all of these benefits including the high energy density, the robustness and ability to work safely in any orientation makes Li-ion batteries the primary choice for compact and rugged applications.

Having served this sector for many years, Steatite is considered a trusted partner in the design and implementation of advanced Li-ion battery systems. A key focus has been to develop best practices, heavily invest in comprehensive and rigorous test procedures and remain abreast of the legislation. As a result, Steatite’s customers achieve the required performance while having complete confidence in the reliability, operational safety and legislative compliance of the battery.

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