Crewkerne battery facility signage change

Our battery pack manufacturing facility in Crewkerne, Somerset has had a change of signage to bring it in line with the other Steatite buildings in Redditch and Leominster.

In 2016, Steatite acquired Creasefield batteries and centred the entire battery business unit at the new site in Somerset. This facility houses everything from design, engineering and manufacturing, to distribution and associated office functions all at the one location, thereby creating a single site centre of excellence for our battery business.

The change in exterior signage is a major step in the integration of the facility into the Steatite brand. Interior branding elements, including wall panels and Steatite polo shirts, further aligns the site with our other facilities.

As a nod to the former branding, the illuminated ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ elements of the old signage have been retained and will be re-located within the building.

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