Better Batteries Manufactured with a Wire Bonder

pictures of Steatite's wire bonder

We’ve recently installed an Asterion wire bonder in our Power facility in Crewkerne to add wire bonding to our inhouse capabilities. Compared to traditional methods of interconnecting, wire bonding enables manufacturers to offer custom battery packs with high discharge capabilities and reduced assembly time (in a shorter lead time) which meet even higher levels of reliability and safety. Wire bonding helps to prolong cell life and improve battery performance as a result of lower resistance.

We will now be able to deliver wire bonded battery packs to customers covering a range of applications including medical, industrial, oceanographic, transport and energy.

We know that every cell that leaves our factory having been wire bonded is safe, reliable and robust. This is in addition, of course, to our traditionally bonded battery packs which have been tried and tested over decades. See more about wire bonding.

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