Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS) Project Update at Oceanology International 2016

Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS) Project Update at Oceanology International 2016…

With the first phase of the project complete, today sees the official release of the pressure test results from NOC in Southampton. Using the test facilities at the NOC, Li-S cells underwent multiple pressure, temperature and discharge cycles equivalent to undersea depths of 6,000m.

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Project Overview
In October 2015 a consortium of UK companies and academic partners, led by Steatite began an R&D project to develop a battery pack that will be pressure tolerant up to depths of 6000 metres.
Due for completion in October 2017, the project is looking to exploit the inherent benefits of Lithium-Sulfur battery technology. This presents some major advances for Marine Autonomous Systems looking to improve on neutral buoyancy, higher levels of safety and higher energy densities, delivering greater speeds, endurance and payloads.

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