New EMC antenna 0.17 to 4 GHz launched at EMC UK conference

Steatite Antennas a UK designer and manufacturer of test and measurement antennas launches a new high performance multi-octave horn antenna with an operating bandwidth 0.17 to 4 GHz at the EMC UK conference being held at Newbury, 6th and 7th October, 2015.

The new dual ridged horn antenna with part number: QWH-SL-0.17-4-A-SG handles power at 1400 Watt c.w. and the connector type is 7:16 DIN. Gain ranges from 3.6 to 15.9 dBi. The antenna test report is downloadable from the Company’s website.

“Steatite Antennas has a significant portfolio of multi-octave standard and high gain antennas providing consistent and reliable performance. The Company also supplies specialised HiRF antennas operating over the frequency range 0.4 to 18 GHz, and two of its established antennas are Ford Motor Company recognised. Our antennas satisfy EMC radiated and immunity testing applications. We are pleased to be launching our new antenna at the EMC UK conference. It will be on show at our booth number 38 and Brian Smith, Sales Engineer will be available to discuss this exciting addition to the antenna product family”, said Robert Lowther, Steatite’s Sales and Marketing Manager. Please email: for more information.

QWH-SL-0.17-4-A-SG typical performance:

Frequency 0.17 to 4 GHz
Connector type 7:16 DIN jack
Power handling 1400 Watt c.w. at 0.4 GHz and at 20°C ambient
VSWR 0.6 to 4 GHz <1.5:1
Gain 3.6 to 15.9 dBi
Antenna factor 11.3 to 27.34 dB/m
3dB beamwidth 14 to 111 degrees
6dB beamwidth 26 to 226 degrees



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