Steatite Embedded Introduce NEW Industrial All In One Fanless Panel PC

Ultimate All In One Solution…

The CDS all in one industrial panel PC range employs a highly integrated & modular design, allowing you to select the screen size, touchscreen technology and platform to best suit your particular application, simplifying product maintenance and providing you with a range of upgrade paths, this makes the CDS industrial panel PC the ultimate all in one industrial solution.

Key Features:

  • 8 to 19” Screen Sizes
  • Resistive or P-Cap Touch
  • Wide DC Power Input
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Upgradeable Design
  • Up to 7 Years Availability

Convertible, Upgradable, Manageable Design…

With its state of the art industrial design the CDS industrial panel PC offers you a manageable, easy to use and highly upgradeable platform. As these modules are independent they can be replaced or exchanged individually allowing for various configurations, whether you choose a fanless industrial Panel PC solution for industrial automation or wish to have an Industrial monitor for display purposes, this industrial  panel PC range offers you the flexibility to adjust to your requirements.

Resistive or Projected Capacitive Touchscreen…

Whether you want a large industrial display or small industrial display the CDS range of industrial panel PCs offers you an abundance of options regarding to screen size, resolution & touch technology. For Heavy industrial environments you have the option of resistive touch which would be ideal for single touch applications and use with other industrial equipment. Projected capacitive touch offers you a multi touch system suitable for greater user interaction. In addition to the touch technology, the CDS range of industrial panel PCs support aspect ratio of both (4:3) and (16:9) widescreen.


Fanless, Industrial, Powerful…

Thanks to its thermal design the P1001 module is able to be cooled flawlessly meaning that it can operate at wide temperatures in the most harsh of environments. At its core, the P1001 module  is powered by the latest Intel Baytrail E3845 (1.91GHz) quad core processor, consuming no more than 10 Watts of power makes it ideal for the industrial sector. You will also be provided with a wealth of I/O on the P1001 module, whether you require serial ports, Ethernet ports or display ports, the CDS industrial Panel PC has them all and much more. These industrial Panel PCs also gives you the option to include up to 4GB DDR3 memory along with support for a range of different storage mediums depending on your application requirements. This range of industrial panel pcs also supports various forms of mounting, including  VESA mount, Panel mount, Wall Mount & even Stand Mount.

If you are interested in the CDS industrial panel PC range and would like to know more information then please contact our sales team on 01527 512 400 or email your enquiry to

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