Steatite wins ELINT contract with Rohde & Schwarz


Steatite’s Antenna business unit is delighted to announce it has won a contract worth nearly £3m to design and build ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) components for Rohde & Schwarz.

Rohde & Schwarz is a global technology group supplying leading-edge products and solutions to empower industrial, regulatory and military customers to attain technological and digital sovereignty.

ELINT antennas are used to intercept RF signals, usually forming part of a larger subsystem. Our antennas in this case will be deployed worldwide in a defence application. The contract was signed in October 2023 and, following extensive testing and refining, we expect to deliver the first installment of antennas in August this year.

This strategic partnership is for long term product development and we expect further orders of a second iteration to be placed shortly.

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