Dual PTT for MPU5 MANET radio

Steatite to offer new Dual PTT for MPU5 radio

We are proud to offer the new Dual Channel Push To Talk (Dual PTT) device from Persistent Systems for the MPU5 secure MANET radio.  The Dual PTT will allow the MPU5’s audio capabilities to reach their full potential.

The Dual PTT allows the user to quickly and easily select between 16 talk groups as well as control volume levels for each talk group independently.  When paired with a stereo headset, the two selected talk groups are heard in the left and right ears, and the volume level in each ear can be controlled independently.

With the MPU5 and Dual PTT, a single MPU5 can communicate on two talk groups either independently or simultaneously. In the past, when a user needed to communicate with two different groups (channels) of users, that user needed to carry two separate Land Mobile Radios (LMRs). Therefore, the MPU5 and Dual PTT significantly reduces size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) burdens on users.

This is possible because the MPU5 is an IP radio, where talk groups are multicast addresses, instead of an LMR radio, where channels are different RF frequencies.

The ability to carry one radio instead of two will not only save money, but will also reduce the load on the soldier, a critical advantage for today’s military personnel.

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